APRIL 20, 2021
Every April 20th at 4:20, people celebrate cannabis, globally. It all began in 1971, when students in California used the code 4:20 for a plot to find an abandoned cannabis crop that was part of a treasure map created by the grower. The code word was adopted by other teens when referring to marijuana. The High Times Magazine popularized the 4:20 phrase in an article about the teens in 1991.

The bass-player of the popular music group Grateful Dead called for 4:20 pm to become the socially adapted hour to consume cannabis.
The day has been widely recognized as the day for cannabis civil disobedience, sparking gatherings, rallies, and marches leading the way for advocacy and awareness.

 Photo by Noah Rosenfield on Unsplash
In 2021, Cannabis Day has come a long way. Legalization is taking place all over the world. Due to organizing, voting and policy making many governments are bending to the healthful features and benefits of cannabis.
Events such as New York Cannabis Parade and Rally, will be a special event, as they just passed, Senate Bill: SB54A, to legalize cannabis for recreation use. There will be more than 5 other U.S. cities that will be joyfully engulfed in celebration this 4:20!
Bermuda High Society synchronized an event calendar providing the biggest cannabis events of 2021. Most events were postponed due to the pandemic last year. Although, travel is restricted still events have pivoted to virtual platforms or have rearranged the event to be held this year in a socially distanced way.
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