PUBLISHER'S NOTEGreetingsAs we enter into Spring 2021, I sit back and reflect on how fast the year has passed us by. The effects of this COVID-19 Pandemic has been devastating to some and has created opportunity for others. I truly wish I could open my eyes and it will all be over. I WISH!!

We at Bermuda Parent have decided to dedicate this issue to ‘Youth in Sports’. We have added some new sections and features in the magazine. We have decided some of our staple features such as Birthdays and crossword puzzles will now be located on MyBermudaParent Website.

The magazine will be dedicated to informing you on Parenting in baby, toddler, kids and teens. We have in this issue expert advice on Finance, we have added two new sections Wellness and Sports. We will also take a look at Neuroscience in sports and the benefits on Sports on our youth development.

My hope is that you find something to relate to in this issue as we move forward in this new direction. Your thoughts, comments and feedback would be a valuable asset as we continue to manifest prosperity in our new world and through our publication.

Please direct all thoughts, comments, and feedback to
Happy Reading!

WRITERS & CONTRIBUTORSKristen Scott Ndiaye, Reva Minors, Dr Adriene Berkeley, Ocean Wellness, Ieisha Tucker-Minors, Tanni Haas, Kimberley Caines-Best, Lorene Phillips, Fred Zhang, Shana Jones,
Keisha Allen-Smith, Dorothy W. Bradshaw, Alicia Trott, Richelle Richards, Jessica Maiato, Tracy Nash, RN, HSBC, Branch of Life, Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, Alicia Resnik, SCARS, Stephanie Guthman, Open Airways
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